• IGI & Sony Announce Third 4K Forum

IGI and Sony Announce the Third 4K Forum for 2009

4K Technology Showcase to be Held at HD Expo, November 4 - 5 in Burbank, CA

Commerce, MI (October 29, 2009) – IGI and Sony Electronics have announced that they will co-host the third 4K Forum this year November 4 - 5, 2009 in Burbank, CA. The informational and discovery event that focuses on end-to-end, all digital 4K video production workflows will be held in conjunction with HD Expo at The Burbank Marriott, 2100 Empire Avenue, Burbank, CA.

IGI will provide two 4K projection systems for the event. One system will feature a 16-foot wide screen and the new Sony SXRD® SRX-T420 projector. This recently announced 4K resolution projector model from Sony (4096 x 2160 pixels) features a brightness level of 21,000 lumens, nearly double the brightness of its next brightest model 4K projector, the SRX-T110 (11,000 lumens) along with an improved contrast ratio of 3,000:1.

The other projection system at the event, the IGI PowerWindow | 4K Portable, is a self-contained, 4K display system with an 11-foot wide screen. Incorporating a Sony SXRD SRX-T110 4K projector, it has been designed specifically to enable the viewing of 4K dailies on set.

IGI President Pat Hernandez is looking forward to bringing the 4K Forum to the HD Expo with Sony. "We're excited that HD Expo is embracing the event and will host it at its traditional Burbank venue. This just confirms the 4K Forum is an impactful and important event for the industry," says Hernandez.

The 4K Forum provides video professionals working in 4K resolution, or those contemplating doing so, with insights into new hardware, software, display technologies and workflow methodology. This edition of the 4K Forum will focus specifically on the feature film industry and the all-digital feature production workflow in 4K resolution.

"4K is quickly gaining traction as a viable resolution format for digital motion picture production," said Hernandez. "Our large-scale, 4K displays will play a vital role in the production, post-production and previewing of 4K content as it makes its way to the digital cinema screen. And since our 4K displays can also be used in broadcast control room applications, this venue allows us to be in front of both audiences at once."

More event information can be found at www.4kforum.net.

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