• IGI Partners with US Navy

IGI Partners with US Navy for 4K Tri-Site Collaboration Initiative


Commerce, MI (June 20, 2012) – For more than 230 years, the U.S. Navy has been the world’s premier naval power, which utilizes the latest technology and tools in its tactical execution. To remain at the forefront of military operations, the U.S. Navy has selected industry leader IGI to equip them with multiple advanced visualization systems.

Through a partnership of three key Naval organizations (U.S. Southern Command, Naval Undersea Warfare Center, and the Naval Post Graduate School), IGI has integrated multiple advanced visualization systems to enhance collaboration between departments and change the way high-resolution visual data is interpreted. These systems have been integrated directly into high security facilities at the U.S. Souther Command and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center. This application of 4K (4096 X 2160, 4X the resolution of High Definition 1920X 1080) resolution improves upon image color sampling and dynamic range which will change the way the U.S. Navy can experience and process military intelligence.

“We feel fortunate to work with our nation’s military branches and look forward to long term support and maintenance of these mission critical systems,” said Pat Hernandez, President and Owner of IGI. “Our work with the Navy is a perfect example of how large scale, ultra high resolution projection systems have a great variety of client applications.”

This partnership, dubbed 4K Tri-site, will utilize these high-performance advanced visualization systems known as IGI PowerWalls and IGI PowerWindows to provide a unique approach in supporting the modern warrior. Combining the capabilities of a research and development (R&D) lab, academia, and an operational command, this unique alliance establishes a Navy Center of Excellence for Visual Communications and Scientific Data Visualization.

Additionally, IGI installed a PowerWindow 4K system in one Naval division, constructing a ultra modern media room with no disruption to the current infrastructure. This solution will offer a state-of-the-art media center display technology refresh, high-end data visualization services and visual communication products for existing product line customers, a real-time virtual collaboration framework, unique collaboration opportunities with academia and industry, and improved visual communications products.

About IGI

IGI is an industry leading provider of audio-visual (AV) systems for advanced visualization and commercial AV applications. Founded in 1998, IGI has installed numerous ultra-high resolution projection systems throughout the U.S. in the automotive, higher education, medical, financial, and energy transmission markets, and for the United States military and other government agencies. Applications include industrial design, engineering and data visualization, mission-critical command & control room environments and a variety of emerging markets where the simultaneous visualization of 3D models and complex data by a group is essential to effective decision making. For more information, visit www.werigi.com.