• IGI Integrator Solutions

IGI Rolls Out Integrator Solutions Offering

Helps A/V Integrators Provide Large Scale, 4K Displays

Commerce, MI (June 17, 2009) – IGI has announced a new product and service offering designed to help A/V integrators sell and install large screen, 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) display systems. The offering, known as IGI Integrator Solutions, includes both products and services centered around the Sony SXRD® 4K projector. The company will debut the new line at InfoComm in Orlando, FL June 17 - 19 in the Black Diamond Video booth # 5060.

IGI founder and president, Pat Hernandez, is no stranger to the A/V world. The company has a sister division, Immersion Graphics Inc., that provides general A/V system design and installation in the metro Detroit and Michigan markets. With IGI's focus being the design and installation of advanced visualization systems across the U.S., Hernandez has deep knowledge of both markets.

"Having a division that serves the A/V market, I know that from time to time A/V houses may come across opportunities to sell a 4K display system for certain applications to existing customers," says Hernandez. "The products and services offered in IGI Integrator Solutions allow these A/V companies to utilize a pre-engineered base 4K display system or projection system components as the foundation upon which they can integrate additional hardware and functionality to meet their customers' specific needs."

Products included in the IGI Integrator Solutions offering include its self-contained IGI PowerWindow 4K display and its IGI Integrated 4K Projector Stand designed specifically for the Sony SXRD 4K projector. IGI is also making available engineering services to help A/V companies address custom, 4K display applications.

About IGI

IGI, a division of Immersion Graphics Inc., is solely focused on the design, installation and servicing of large screen visualization systems. Founded in 1998, IGI has installed numerous ultra-high resolution projection systems throughout the U.S. in the automotive, higher education, medical, financial and energy transmission markets, and for the United States military and other government agencies. Applications include industrial design, engineering and data visualization, mission-critical command & control room environments and a variety of emerging markets where the simultaneous visualization of 3D models and complex data by a group is essential to effective decision making. For more information, visit www.werigi.com.