• IGI's First 4K Forum

IGI's First 4K Forum Projects High Resolution, Integrated Solutions

Event Showcases 4K Display Technology

Indianapolis, IN (February 4, 2009) – IGI, a division of Immersion Graphics Inc., hosted a first-of-its-kind event on January 27, 2009 in Indianapolis, IN to evangelize the benefits of ultra high resolution, 4K display technology.

Called the 4K Forum, the event drew attendees from Midwest based transportation companies such as Honda, Ford, ASC, and Rolls Royce, as well as design firms, consumer research firms and institutions of higher education including Indiana University and Purdue University. The attending companies and institutions either already use or are contemplating the use of ultra-high resolution, 4K display technology in their work.

"By bringing both key technology providers and end users from various industries into a discussion in a low key, open forum type of format, everyone benefits from the interchange," says Pat Hernandez, IGI President.

4K displays are composed of 4096 horizontal pixel x 2160 vertical pixel projectors and wall-sized screens. Two 4K displays were showcased and demonstrated at the event; one featuring a 23' wide, rear projection screen and another called the IGI PowerWindow 4K, a self contained, rear projection 4K display enclosure featuring a 9.5' wide screen.

Hernandez says the benefits of 4K visualization technology are beginning to generate significant interest from a variety of markets that all have a need to see minute detail previously not adequately discernable in 3D computer generated models or other data.

The event was co-sponsored by Sony, NVIDIA, and Vista Systems, all of which provide key technology components for large scale, ultra high resolution display systems integrated by IGI.

"The products that Sony and NVIDIA have recently introduced to the market have made 4K resolution display technology a stable, daily productivity tool that companies can use for successful group collaboration and decision making," says Hernandez. "And with the additional video processing capabilities provided by Vista Systems, IGI now has the ability to integrate and deliver 4K resolution display systems with incredible resolution, pixel density and image quality from a single projector. We're very excited about the future of 4K visualization and intend to host future 4K Forum events in other cities in the U.S. later this year."

About IGI

IGI, a division of Immersion Graphics Inc., is solely focused on the design, installation and servicing of large screen visualization systems. Founded in 1998, IGI has installed numerous ultra-high resolution projection systems throughout the U.S. in the automotive, higher education, medical, financial, and energy transmission markets, and for the United States military and other government agencies. Applications include industrial design, engineering and data visualization, mission-critical command & control room environments and a variety of emerging markets where the simultaneous visualization of 3D models and complex data by a group is essential to effective decision making. For more information, visit www.werigi.com.