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Immersion Graphics Inc. is now IGI - Advanced Visualization

Commerce, MI (August 1, 2012) – Immersion Graphics today announces that it will be re-branded to IGI. The IGI brand is already known to many of Immersion graphic's advanced visualization customers, however it will be new to all customers who currently take advantage of the commercial audio-visual (AV) offerings. The change will be inclusive to all current locations including Detroit, Los Angeles, and Indianapolis.

This change represents a unification between of the two divisions which were previously under different brand identites. While IGI will continue to have two seperate divisions, one dedicated to commercial audio-visual and one dedicated to advanced visualization, the cohesive brand will prove to be much easier for customers to understand.

The change over to the IGI brand begins immediatly.

About IGI

IGI is an industry leading provider of audio-visual (AV) systems for advanced visualization and commercial AV applications. Founded in 1998, IGI has installed numerous ultra-high resolution projection systems throughout the U.S. in the automotive, higher education, medical, financial, and energy transmission markets, and for the United States military and other government agencies. Applications include industrial design, engineering and data visualization, mission-critical command & control room environments, presentation systems, video conferencing, digital signage and a variety of emerging markets where the simultaneous visualization of 3D models and complex data by a group is essential to effective decision making. For more information, visit www.werigi.com.