Architectural Visualization and the Portable DesignView

Posted by IGI. March 23, 2022 - Audio Visual Integration, LED, Mobile, DesignView

New technology can be so engaging that it is easy to forget that it's not the gizmo that is important, it is how that gizmo benefits your customer. Are you adding a technology because it is exciting or because it automates or improves on a time consuming or mission critical task.

Visualization of information (data, renders, images, etc.) has benefited from advanced technology developments. The ability to collaborate with larger numbers of individuals though large-scale, high resolution visualization is one significant way. From the drawing board to video walls large enough that 1:1 scale, full-sized vehicles can be seen in photorealistic quality allowing better design and engineering review than ever before.

Supporting this technology are advanced CPU and GPU chips that can drive this data to millions of pixels in seconds versus the overnight processing of a generation before. Visualization of healthcare data and the technology of diagnostic imaging has all but eliminated the need for “exploratory surgery”, and many other sectors have benefitted from similar improvements.

Technology used by the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector ranges from construction robotics, real-time visualization tools, laser scanning, photogrammetry and other technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Sometimes a combination of these results in what is referred to as mixed reality (MR) or extended reality (XR).

AEC firms are using advanced visualization technology in both their processes AND in their designs. An architect may utilize VR or AR to help a customer “see” or “immerse” them into a proposed design giving them a much more impactful review of what is being proposed. Along the same line, their design will incorporate advanced visualization technology into designs that will help their customer utilize these audio visual (AV) tools. Many of these customers want to leverage their own workflow process to automate or improve on time consuming or mission critical tasks, and architectural firms can help by designing for this.

Portable DesignView for Architectural Visualization

One of the latest tools designed for these types of applications is the IGI DesignView. Visualization at this size and scale typically required a lot of space, lighting and HVAC considerations, and a limitation of being in one location. With the latest direct view LED (dvLED) technology you can now have visualization on the go and the use cases are numerous.

The DesignView can have single or dual-sided displays that are straight or curved, and also 3D stereo for an even more immersive experience. The mobile aspect of the DesignView allows portability to whatever space or application is desired. Also, like a permanently installed PowerWall, the DesignView can be used in combination with a head mounted display (HMD) for complete immersion of one or more individuals, while the rest of the group or team watches what the immersed user is seeing on the large DesignView display. Visual collaboration at its finest.


The DesignView displayed here is roughly 21’ X 6’ with an 8x4 cabinet layout and an aspect ratio of 32:9 (two 16:9 right next to each other). That said, because of the nature of the technology, the IGI DesignView can be configured to any physical size.

Additional benefits of the DesignView include being very easily moved by hand, and the ability to quickly change designs, view many types of content, and ultimately spur quicker decision making and collaboration. All of the electronic components and workstation are located in the base of the system, out of view, and protected.

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