The definition of data visualization is: the graphical representation of information and data by using elements like images, video, charts, graphs, maps, and etc.  Your business’s data and the design..

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Years ago, a common concern when integrating large scale advanced visualization solutions was what physical space could accommodate the desired image. To put a full size car or truck onto a screen..

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Building Production Studios From The Ground Up
Posted by IGI on October 24, 2023.

We typically come into a virtual production studio project at the time a custom LED wall solution is needed. We were recently asked to help build a brand new production studio from the ground up...

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LED Finally Accepted by Automotive Design
Posted by IGI on September 29, 2023.

Remember attending the IGI 4K Forums about a decade ago? We were just starting to see direct view LED cabinets coming into the market. We had been running our technology showcases for almost a decade..

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