Crazy things can happen that you have probably not ever thought about. We have seen a lot. From rodents in the ceiling gnawing at wires, or an unknown leak that caused corrosion, and even simple..

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Ready to start reopening your offices? Hybrid workspaces? Have you considered what this will look like as it relates to collaboration? Has the time come to reassess your conferencing platform and..

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IGI Custom Mobile LED Carts
Posted by IGI on November 13, 2020.

Why should you consider a mobile LED solution? If you are replacing analog rolling boards in an automotive design studio, needing cross-functional utilization at universities for presentations,..

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LED wall virtual production studio rendering
IGI virtual production studios LED walls
Posted by IGI on October 1, 2020.

With the advent of high quality, cost-effective LED technology, IGI’s twenty years of experience in advanced visualization systems is now being applied to the virtual production space. Advancement..

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