Audio Visual Technology Trending Now

Trend or fad? Possibly a bit of both? With advancements in technology, the challenge tends to be how it can be monetized, or actually utilized to drive revenue or improve the workflow of a particular environment.  Some of these trends can be quite controversial, like artificial intelligence (and the debate on that tech is still ongoing). Other technology developments are already becoming mainstream, like the improvements in immersive sound, VR, AR and digital signage.  Following are some of the more influential technologies being discussed about AV right now.

3D Holography

A 3D hologram is an 3D projection that exists freely in space. 3D holographic displays create visual experiences that combine physical objects with 3-dimensional digital overlays, similar to AR, but the holographic display is visible to anyone WITHOUT the need for special 3D glasses. There is even an AI avatar solution, that enables two-way communication with a digitally depicted human avatar, combining the holographic and AI tech together.

8K & HDR Video

Four times the resolution of 4K, there is now 8K resolution in video, providing even more detailed and immersive visual experiences. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is also improving contrast and color accuracy for more lifelike and realistic images.

AI & Machine Learning

AI has become a frequent topic affecting/enhancing the technology landscape. Commercial AV systems are increasingly using artificial intelligence systems to provide better accuracy and efficiency. Machine Learning can improve video quality through techniques such as super-resolution and noise reduction. Expect AI and Machine Learning to have an even greater impact on the audiovisual industry as algorithms and access to data continue to improve.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

IGI has talked much about VR, and the way it creates immersive digital environments and what it can do for your environment. Augmented Reality (AR) overlays that digital environment with the real world. Both architecture and engineering environments use AR to provide visualizations of new buildings and products.

Digital Signage

Every year digital signage solutions grow in resolution, reliability, and availability. Among other solutions, LED digital signage video walls are one of the most requested technologies in the audio-visual landscape. Among multiple options, LED video walls are one of the famous audio-visual technologies. Experts predict that the digital signage market will grow steadily to reach 45.33 billion USD in 2030.

Immersive Audio

Immersive audio has transformed the way sound is experienced. Different from Stereo or Surround Sound that provides sound in a fixed location, immersive audio creates three-dimensional sound that envelops the listener and simulates the experience of being in the middle of the action.  Key technologies driving the growth of immersive audio include Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Virtual & Hybrid Events

Incorporating technology that allows participation for live and virtual audiences has the goal of improving remote user experiences to connect people from around the world. Even past the pandemic, hybrid events and the future of video conferencing continues to be promising. Working from home has become the new norm for businesses and employees everywhere. With the shift to virtual and hybrid events, companies continue to host conferences, meetings, and other events while social distancing. High-definition video conferencing and streaming technology facilitates these events.

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