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Experience the Next Generation of Advanced Visualization Solutions at the IGI 4K Forum

Posted by Pat Hernandez. October 10, 2017 - Industry News, 4K, 4K Forum

At IGI we are excited about the growth of advanced visualization technology, and are always eager to share new breakthroughs with you. The 9th annual IGI 4K Forum 2017 is an advanced visualization technology showcase featuring the latest developments in the industry.  Note: Attendance is by RSVP only as private tours of the technology are scheduled to allow for confidential discussion. Please contact us to reserve a time for your team. 

The Detroit event will showcase technology designed, installed, and serviced by IGI, used in industries such as design and manufacturing, military intel, command & control, and scientific visualization. At IGI, we provide industry leading, advanced AV solutions, and this showcase will present the various emerging technologies in the market today.

Here’s a look into the ultra-high resolution displays, cutting-edge VR/AR HMD technology, and advanced corporate AV solutions that will be featured at the event.

Leyard LED Powerwall

This is the latest accomplishment in LED panel architecture, and a marked improvement in resolution. The Leyard LED offers a .9mm pixel pitch, which is a .3mm reduction compared to previous iterations. The high pixel density greatly improves visual quality at close distances and represents a new standard for ultra-high resolution displays.

The flat panel design can be seamlessly integrated into a configuration of any size and the 20 points of adjustment ensure perfect alignment. You will not want to miss the opportunity to see this groundbreaking advanced visualization solution in action at the 4K Forum.

VR and AR demos

IGI will provide interactive demonstrations of industry-leading virtual and augmented reality technology from Metavision and VRgineers. Experience immersive VR/AR head mounted displays (HMDs) and see for yourself the various practical and professional applications of this technology.

The development of the consumer market for VR and AR has led to renewed legitimacy in the corporate world. Organizations are leveraging VR and AR technology to create an immersive and life-like environment where individuals can evaluate data and design files. Companies that adopt VR or AR into their advanced visualization configuration hold a key to endless professional applications and collaborative opportunities. Industry leaders in automotive, aerospace, defense and more have realized greater collaborative capability and reduced design cycle time thanks to VR and AR technology.

Experience new corporate AV technology

We want you to see and hear the difference of professional, corporate AV integration. For 2017, we will showcase the newest innovations in corporate AV technology including the latest Shure ceiling microphone. All filtering, gating and audio echo cancellation is handled by superior processing in the Biamp Tesira, so you can trust this new audio integration solution offers the highest call quality possible. 

Join us for a coast-to-coast Skype call at the event to hear the improved call quality offered by this new audio technology.

Be among the first to see the next generation of advanced visualization technology at the IGI 4K forum. The event will take place November 13 - 17  by invitation only. Contact us for more information, and we hope to see you there.

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