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Posted by IGI. November 13, 2020 - Collaboration, Video Wall, LED, Presentation, Mobile, Custom

Why should you consider a mobile LED solution? If you are replacing analog rolling boards in an automotive design studio, needing cross-functional utilization at universities for presentations, scientific visualization, promotional events, class sessions, and workshops, or looking for a mobile solution for meetings wherever needed for telepresence and other collaborative gatherings.

Three Key Benefits to a mobile AV integration solution:

  1. Flexibility
    Being able to re-configure within a space or use in another space that is connected on the same floor level of larger spaces like hotels, convention halls, universities and churches allows for a more robust utilization wherever a power receptacle is available.
  2. No costly facility construction
    Internal buildout costs for a large, fixed display by internal operations (electricians, construction, etc.) from your company can raise overall cost significantly. All-in-one mobile LED solutions need nothing but a power receptacle. Everything else is on board the cart, and with a simple umbilical cable, you are up and running for whatever application you need.
  3. Saves Time
    Compared to traditional integration of permanent solutions, a mobile solution allows for most of the work to be done on the AV integrator side and the finished product is delivered to the end user. A mobile LED platform solution means little to no room down-time, no mess to clean up, just a plug and play solution ready-to-use.


Considerations for Mobile LED Platform Design:

  1. Safety of personnel
    Any portable structure must ensure that the entire LED wall does not tip over when moving. A tip over could potentially injure personnel. To prevent accidental tip over, structures need to be designed with a wide enough base and a low center of mass. Caster location will also have an effect on stability. Additionally, a minimal gap between the floor and outer lower platform edge will reduce the possibility of the cart rolling over someone’s foot during relocation.
  2. Safety of product
    The second most important aspect of LED platform design is safety of product. Design elements should be incorporated to help ensure the LED modules are not damaged when moving the structure.
  3. Functionality & Features
    A mobile LED cart should be an extension of a user’s ability to share and collaborate on data as a full-featured presentation system, AV mobile platform, or just a large TV.


The renderings above are various versions of Custom Mobile LED Carts designed and built by IGI, Image credits: IGI

Simple to use. Users vary on levels of technical experience. It is important to provide a simple-to-use solution. The mobile LED cart should be seen by the user as a simple monitor. Plug-n-play (BYOD) with either an onboard PC, a user’s laptop, or via digital signage applications with a single connection point for power and data.

Simple to move. A mobile LED cart can be quite heavy depending on size and it is important to make it easy to move. Some carts will be moved with assistance from a motorized tug. A battery-operated aircraft tug can provide a safe, consistent method of movement. With or without an electric tug, sturdy hand holds are necessary to keep end users from touching the LED modules. The entire system should be movable by 2-3 individuals.

Let the team at IGI design and build you a custom mobile LED cart. Contact IGI if you are interested in learning more about the flexibility of a mobile LED cart integration. IGI will provide the highest level of designinstallation, and service for your technology and management requirements.

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