IGI Debuts Barco Galaxy 4K DLP Projector at NVIDIA Automotive Event

Posted by werigi. February 17, 2012 - Video, 3D, Advanced Visualization, IGI Events, PowerWall

On February 1, 2012 IGI debuted the Barco Galaxy 4K DLP projector at the NVIDIA Automotive Event held at Ford Motor Company's Conference and Event Center. IGI partnered with NVIDIA and RTT to showcase a larger then life stereoscopic demonstration of the Ford Focus modeled in DeltaGen. The 23' IGI PowerWall featuring the Barco Galaxy 4K was a real event highlight and provided the crowds a sneak peek at the next generation of advanced visualization technology.

The Barco Galaxy 4K projector represents a significant technology expansion that will provide IGI with increased flexibility in meeting the demanding requirements for large scale 3D stereoscopic projection.

The Barco Galaxy 4K allows for active stereo and active Infitec stereo projection. In order to counter the typical brightness issues that often occur in large scale 3D installations, the Galaxy 4K offers a choice of three brightness levels from 12,000 up to a remarkably brilliant 32,000 ANSI lumens of light output.

The projector's 4K resolution along with the known color saturation of three-chip DLP technology produces ultra-vivid image quality with exceptional color uniformity. Thanks to a hermetically sealed optical engine, no dust or dirt will affect the DLP 4K chip. This guarantees undiminished brightness, color uniformity and contrast levels over time. A liquid cooling system protects the projector's core components from overheating which in turn extends their lifetime dramatically and reduces the cost of ownership while increasing uptime.

The Barco Galaxy 4K is poised to make an immediate impact in virtual reality, visualization and simulation installations throughout the automotive design, oil and gas exploration, aerospace simulation, and military intelligence markets. Specifically, IGI will leverage the Barco Galaxy 4K's abilities to produce advanced stereoscopic IGI | PowerWalls 4K, IGI | PowerWindows 4K, and Custom projection systems.

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