IGI Detroit Advanced Visualization Technology Showcase

Posted by werigi. May 21, 2012 - 3D, Advanced Visualization, IGI Events, PowerWall

The IGI Detroit Advanced Visualization Technology Showcase concluded last week and was a huge success! Attendees witnessed 5 different systems which provided a unique solution to specific visualization applications.

The IGI PowerWindow Portable | 4K was illuminated by a Sony SXRD T-110 projector. The 10' screen displayed native ultra-sharp and vivid 4K content provided by RED Digital Cinema. The 4096x2160 compressed digital cinema package was played back utilizing a QuVis Digital Cinema Player, similar to the servers used in theaters.

A Samsung 460UTN videowall in a 2x2 array showed the advantages and capabilities of the LCD technology when paired with a NVIDIA graphics engine. These thin bezel panels can be used in a automotive design environment to provide a digital white board and help organize vast amounts of visual data right next to a clay model. Other applications include presentation systems, financial monitoring, and retail displays. The UD and UE Samsung models would also provide a great solution.

The Barco OLS-521 stereoscopic rear projection modules were arranged in a 2x2 display as one canvas tied together with a NVIDIA QuadroPlex 7000. With LED technology, these units are in for the long haul providing 60,000 hours of 24/7 usage before any scheduled service. These highly reliable liquid cooled units consume a minimal amount of energy while providing stunning stereoscopic imagery. With a under 1mm bezel, the projection wall has applications including command and control or industrial design.

A Eizo DuraVision FDH3601 displayed 8.8 megapixels (4096 x 2160 native resolution) across its 36.4-inch screen. This is enough pixels to display the content of several desktop monitors but without the bezels between screens. A monitor such as this would be used by IGI to provide a preview to the controller of the 4K PowerWall display.

The IGI PowerWall | 4K featured a Barco Galaxy 4K-23 stereoscopic DLP projector, IGI workstation with a NVIDIA QuadroPlex 7000, Lightware DVI Matrix, and Barco ClickShare. With 23K lumens of brightness, attendees saw stunning stereoscopic images provided by RTT DeltaGen. The 15' screen gave the viewer a immersive environment and the capability to review designs in full scale. Barco ClickShare provided a simple solution to displaying multiple laptop sources easily and seamlessly.

Attendees also witnessed some uncompressed 4K video playback provided by a Zaxel Systems Media Server and content provided by Sony. The 'Eldorado' film was shot using Sony's high-end digital motion picture camera, the F65. Equipped with Sony's newly developed 8K CMOS sensor, the F65 offers higher resolution, increased exposure latitude, and a wider color gamut than any previous digital motion picture camera, delivering brilliant HD, 2K, and true 4K images today.

Thanks to all who attended and helped to make this event a success!

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