VRgineers VRHero 5K HMD Demo at IGI 4K Forum 2017

VRgineers VRHero 5K HMD demo at 4K Forum Detroit 2017!  VRgineers, Inc., is a virtual reality engineering company producing cutting-edge enterprisegrade VR gear for professionals.

"VRHero 5K’s crystal-clear imaging allows car designers to accelerate the development of new prototypes; jet pilots to experience a realistic cockpit environment; and architects to finetune the smallest details of a future building.

By integrating NVIDIA VRWorks, a comprehensive suite of APIs, libraries, and engines, VRgineers enables enterprise customers across a broad range of industries to easily adopt VR for their businesses and immersive, high-fidelity virtual reality experiences."

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About the IGI 4K Forum

Each year, IGI hosts the 4K Forum Technology Showcase to share the latest 4K and advanced visualization technology available. Attendees see examples of technology designed, installed and serviced by IGI across the nation used for Design and Manufacturing, Military Intel, Command & Control, and scientific visualization. For 2017, ultra-high resolution, scalable Powerwalls, the latest in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality HMD technology, and Advanced Commercial AV collaboration were featured.

IGI is based in Commerce, Michigan near Detroit with engineering and sales offices in Indianapolis and Los Angeles.