How Commercial AV Streamlines Detroit Auto Manufacturing

Posted by IGI. April 27, 2018 - Corporate AV

It’s no secret that the automotive industry is in a state of flux. In light of 21st century consumer habits, shifting market trends, and globalization, Detroit auto companies face challenges they have never seen before.

However, behind each manufacturing challenge is a new technology for improving processes. Commercial audio visual technology is being leveraged by many Detroit automakers to contend with the hurdles of manufacturing in the modern age.

Globalization and commercial AV

The idea of a “Detroit automotive company” is a misnomer — centralized operation in Midwest America is a thing of the past. Today, automotive manufacturing is an international business, which presents new challenges when it comes to workplace collaboration.

With teams fractured across different countries, automotive companies have struggled to replicate the efficiency of in-person workflows. Only in the past couple years has technology caught up to the automotive industry’s need for sharing, conferencing and collaborating online. Thanks to evolving commercial AV technology, communicating over international boundaries is no longer a significant obstacle.

Advancements in commercial AV tech

Today, automotive companies are unfettered by the potential inefficiencies of remote work. With the help of audio visual technology that allows video conferencing and real-time document editing, automotive companies can bridge the gap between international offices. The AV advancements that have improved automotive manufacturing include:

  • Video conferencing — Improvements in streaming quality have made video conferencing a practical, and efficient, way to meet with coworkers overseas.
  • Ceiling microphones — High-fidelity calls previously required bulky equipment. Now, thanks to evolving ceiling microphone technology, clear call quality is possible without sacrificing space.
  • Audio digital sound processors (DSP) — The devices, which convert audio signals into sound, are regularly improving and ushering in better online call quality.
  • USB cameras — Affordable cameras, which can be easily plugged into computers via USB, are no longer plagued by poor video quality. Improvements in camera technology allow for clear, stable video calls.

The fastest-growing area of commercial AV, and most sought after solution by automakers, are huddle rooms. Huddle rooms culminate all of the above technologies into spaces specially designed for online conferencing and collaboration. 

The immediate ROI on these spaces is fairly intuitive: huddle rooms are all-in-one collaboration spaces. These rooms have become an office space necessity, and the cost of developing a huddle room is quickly returned through reduced travel expenses and improved team efficiency.

How to leverage commercial AV technology

It has never been easier to communicate and collaborate with remote teams online thanks to evolving commercial AV technologies. Real-time online document annotation, interactive presentation tools, high-quality video and audio calls allow online meetings to be as efficient as their in-person counterparts.

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