Why the Sony Canvas Offers Unparalleled Active Stereo Image Quality

Posted by IGI. June 1, 2018 - Audio Visual Integration

The Sony Canvas is the only product of its kind to display active stereo content.

“This display provides some of the best looking stereoscopic viewing I've ever seen," stated Pat Hernandez, President of IGI.  Direct view technology is uninhibited by a projection screen, so stereo image quality experiences less distortion. Rated at 1000 nits, the Canvas creates a stunning and bright stereo image. Thanks to a fast refresh rate, active stereo ghosting (when the user sees a slight doubled image) is non-existent. In addition to active stereo accuracy, the black levels of the display create an additional sense of depth and immersion.

The Sony Canvas produces the best active stereo image quality on the market thanks to four key functions:

  1. Black level/contrast
  2. Uniformity/alignment
  3. Color
  4. Brightness

Black level/contrast

One of the best features of the Canvas is the ability to display black. Unlike other direct view LED-based products, the Canvas creates pure blacks in any scene. The Canvas display/substrate itself is black, whereas in other products the substrate is NOT black. Essentially, because of the black levels, the Canvas has an infinite contrast ratio.

Additionally, stray ambient light is absorbed by the pixel substructure. This is accomplished since each light generating element is only 3-micron square — allowing for 98% black light absorbing material surrounding it.


Given a system built from multiple display devices, alignment and color uniformity is crucial to overall image quality. The Canvas addresses this by maintaining an alignment of each module to its neighbor within 40 microns (about half the width of a human hair). This alignment is accomplished in the x, y and z axes using a proprietary microscopic camera alignment jig. In addition to alignment, color uniformity across the entire system is accomplished with extremely accurate color imagery tools.


The canvas creates almost 90% of REC. 2020 color palette. Not only does this create a very wide color gamut, but also very accurate color calibration. In addition, several color calibration and white levels can be saved and recalled for different applications


When used for indoor advanced visualization, the 1,000 nits of brightness produced by the Canvas can overpower any amount of ambient light.

To see this amazing product firsthand, contact IGI for a demonstration. Long-term demonstrations can be arranged at your location using actual data in your private environment.

To see the Sony Canvas live, contact IGI.

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