Multitaction MT Canvus Demo at IGI 4K Forum 2017

Multitaction MT Canvus demo at 4K Forum Detroit 2017!  Designed to naturally enhance the way teams work together. With MT Canvus teams can visualize big data, socialize ideas, educate clients and work collaboratively

"With Multitaction canvus, teams get better results when the work together. It will always be the most productive part of the working day. Giving employees the opportunity to brainstorm, create and share ideas on the unlimited collaborative work space. Using our unique collaboration tool is as natural as using a traditional whiteboard as our market leading technology can pick up any number of fingers, pens or objects at any one time. Create, save and share your MT Canvus content with whoever you want.

Planning, researching and decision-making processes are accelerated as employees can work more closely with clients to develop new ideas on business projects. To support collaborative working, interactive technology provides an impressive digital display that allows users to interact by using fingers, infrared (IR) pens and other everyday objects. Additionally, with MultiTaction Codicetechnology in place, MT Canvus users can receive their own unique Codice ID to store and access content."

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About the IGI 4K Forum

Each year, IGI hosts the 4K Forum Technology Showcase to share the latest 4K and advanced visualization technology available. Attendees see examples of technology designed, installed and serviced by IGI across the nation used for Design and Manufacturing, Military Intel, Command & Control, and scientific visualization. For 2017, ultra-high resolution, scalable Powerwalls, the latest in Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality HMD technology, and Advanced Commercial AV collaboration were featured.

IGI is based in Commerce, Michigan near Detroit with engineering and sales offices in Indianapolis and Los Angeles.