NVIDIA names IGI certified system integrator for Iray VCA in North America

IGI recently participated as a Platinum-Level sponsor at NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference 2014.  During the Keynote address of the event, Co-Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer. Jen-Hsun Huang, who co-founded NVIDIA in 1993 announced several new and exciting products that were being introduced as a part of NVIDIA's stellar lineup. The one with the greatest impact on advanced visualization is a GPU rendering appliance that dramatically accelerates ray tracing, enabling professional designers to interact with computer models of such high visual fidelity that it can largely replace the lengthy, costly process of building physical prototypes.

NVIDIA stated that this new appliance will transform Product design while replacing physical prototypes with interactive, photorealistic digital models.

The name of the new GPU rendering appliance is the NVIDIA® Iray® Visual Computing Appliance (VCA). Essentially, the appliance combines hardware and software to greatly accelerate the work of NVIDIA Iray, a photorealistic renderer integrated into leading design tools from Bunkspeed's Drive, Dassault Systèmes' CATIA and Autodesk's 3ds Max. The appliance is scalable, allowing for multiple units to be linked in order to speed up ray tracing and global illumination by hundreds of times current speeds.

With these new speeds, automobile and other complex designs can be viewed with photorealism in real time from all angles of the model just as you would do with a 3D physical prototype.

"Iray VCA lets designers do what they've always wanted to -- interact with their ideas as if they were already real," said Jeff Brown, vice president and general manager of Professional Visualization and Design at NVIDIA. "It removes the time-consuming step of building prototypes or rendering out movies, enabling designs to be explored, tweaked and confirmed in real time. Months, even years -- and enormous cost -- can be saved in bringing products to market."

Each NVIDIA® Iray® Visual Computing Appliance contains eight NVIDIA GPUs with 12GB of graphics memory each, which together deliver 23,040 CUDA® cores. It has 10GigE and InfiniBand connections, so clusters of multiple Iray VCAs can be scaled over time.  Iray VCAs can be located in an IT center and serve their rendering power on demand requiring little or no technical support.

Iray VCA systems will be available starting this summer through VAR certified system integrator IGI.

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