On The Road with IGI - 4 Events at 4 Venues, in Less Than 4 Weeks!

Grab your large scale, high resolution, 4K advanced visualization solutions, and hit the road!  June 2014 was a busy month for IGI, with four major events to cover at four different venues (multiple states included) all taking place in less than four weeks.  Actually it was less than three weeks!

First up was The Big M Event.  IGI supported partner Autodesk in their booth.  This was an inaugural event sponsored by SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) held June 9-12 at Cobo Hall in Detroit.  IGI provided the IGI WalkThru, which consists of a multi-configurable structure capable of flat/180 degrees, 3o degrees, 45 degrees or even at 90 degree angles to create a pseudo CAVE environment.  It utilizes three 84" 4K Stereo panels powered by a 4 PC cluster running Autodesk VRED software.

At this event the software was of a manufacturing floor and along with the head tracking and head mounted display it was a real interactive immersive experience for those who visited the Modeling-Simulation-Visualization (MSV) pavilion.


The very next week IGI supported Sony's booth at InfoComm 2014 in Las Vegas by helping build and configure an 8K X 4K blended front projection Powerwall that involved flying 4 Sony T615 4K Projectors (2X2 configuration) and a 23' screen eight feet in the air. IGI provided technical support in blending and system design/setup at event, and brought an NVIDIA Iray VCA to show rendering with ray-tracing and global illumination LIVE.


This same week IGI supported the Autodesk Automotive Design Tour held at College for Creative Studies in Detroit. IGI provided an interactive solution via the IGI WalkThru where attendees could watch 4K stereo images of automotive models in Autodesk VRED software and even manipulate the model around with a high tech wireless space mouse from the palm of their hand.


Rounding out the road tour, IGI supported Partner 3DXCITE at Excite 2014 with the IGI WalkThru configured with the 84" 4K stereo panels positioned much lower to accommodate the seated user perspective needed for the Real Drive driving simulator where attendees got to actually drive DeltaGen CAD data around on the screen (simulated).

About IGI

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