Top Questions to Assess AV System Performance

Designing audio visual systems into conference rooms, training rooms and collaborative multi-purpose spaces can present a headache for the most tech savvy IT teams. As companies head back into buildings, IT leaders will likely assess the performance of AV systems against any new requirements.

Conflicts combining new and existing technology, relying on outdated equipment, and inefficient management over AV systems are just a few causes of performance problems.

Poor installation and management of AV systems can negatively affect both your organization’s reputation and bottom line. Disconnected conference rooms and malfunctioning technology can mean missed meetings and delayed decision making, resulting in significant loss of revenue for businesses.

What should your organization monitor in order to avoid a poorly performing AV system? Here are five questions to ask to gauge the performance of your audio visual system.

1. What are you trying to accomplish?

First, be clear on what you’re using your AV system to achieve:

  • Do you want to communicate company information easily and effectively?
  • Do you want to conduct vendor presentations?
  • Do you want to use your system to enable video conferencing with board members or remote employees from around the world?
  • Do you want to display your design teams’ high quality renderings?

Trying to fit a square peg in a round hole can cause performance issues. Certain AV systems can manage multiple tasks well, but if it is only designed to facilitate meetings, it could lack the capability to effectively display high resolution files. Look for an AV solution that will meet the specific needs of your organization.

2. Is your system user friendly?

In today’s hyperconnected world, your colleagues and clients want the ability to connect their personal technology like laptops, tablets and smartphones to AV systems. In a user friendly system, BYOD (bring your own device), connections should be simple and intuitive.

3. When was the last time you upgraded your system’s technology?

If you’re not getting maximum performance from your system, it might be time to think about investing in new technology or servicing what you currently use. Consider the existing issues with the system and revisit your goals. Speaking with an experienced AV integrator about your concerns can help narrow down what’s needed to maximize your budget and improve performance.

4. Do you know who to go to for support?

When your presentation or meeting technology isn’t operating effectively, it’s important to know who to contact. An organization located in a small building with just one or two conference rooms might be able to operate with just a single point person. However, if your organization operates tens or even hundreds of conference rooms within a corporate building, there might not be the team needed to effectively manage your AV systems.

If your organization falls in this category, an AV integrator can be a solution. Working with a partner offers flexibility and access to highly trained and motivated professionals who understand your needs and use their expertise to manage repairs and keep your systems functioning efficiently.

5. Are you overwhelmed with recurring issues?

Confusion over software and hardware are common with internally managed commercial AV systems. Solutions such as remote management software can help alleviate this pressure, allowing organizations to become more efficient by managing more rooms with less people.

Incorporating remote management delivers quick return on investment by reducing overhead and keeping conference rooms online. Just consider the costs associated with a canceled meeting due to an unavailable conference room or technology glitch that could otherwise be avoided by effectively managing those systems. Little details like leaving equipment on after use can cause long-term issues, but remote monitoring can quickly recognize and alleviate those potential problems.

About IGI:

Immersion Graphics, Inc. (IGI) provides audio visual design, engineering, consulting, product sales, control system programming, custom fabrication, installation, preventative maintenance, and extended support services out of its headquarters location in Detroit and west coast operation in Los Angeles. Additional offices are located in Indianapolis, and Grand Rapids.

Founded in 1998, IGI has installed numerous large-scale, ultra-high resolution systems throughout the U.S. in the automotive, higher education, medical, financial, and energy transmission markets, and for the United States military and other government agencies. Applications include industrial design, engineering, data visualization, mission-critical command & control room environments, presentation systems, video conferencing, digital signage, and a variety of commercial AV solutions.  To get an in depth look at what we do, see our website at www.werigi.com, we are IGI.

IGI is minority owned, veteran owned, and a small business and SBA 8(a) program graduate.


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