Case Study: The Wall brings design at the Hyundai America Technical Center to life

Posted by IGI. October 18, 2022 - Audio Visual Integration, PowerWall, Automotive, Case Study, LED

Earlier this year, Samsung initiated a Case Study around the IGI PowerWall that audio visual integrator, Immersion Graphics, Inc.  (IGI) installed at the Hyundai  America Technical Center in Irvine, CA .

"Having proven the value of the digital design process, the design team at Hyundai America Technical Center, Inc. (HATCI) was looking for a digital display to take their ideating to the next level. The center’s existing screens couldn’t deliver the color definition required of the team’s modern design techniques, and most nascent display technologies lacked the resolution necessary for automotive design. HATCI needed a display that would allow the designers to view their work in true color and high resolution. But more than that, the team needed a screen that could provide a full-size side view of a new vehicle, without taking up valuable floor space in the studio."

Read the full Case Study here on Samsung Insights >>

Digital Design at a 1:1 Scale


IGI has built numerous advance visualization systems for HATCI over the last 20 years starting with their first IGI PowerWall which was installed in 2003 at Hyundai's Ann Arbor, Michigan Design Center. After introducing the design team to the Samsung "The Wall" technology in 2020, the project started moving forward with an extensive needs assessment that would be used to drive the design and functionality. IGI worked with building, electrical, and HVAC teams at Hyundai to ensure the environment was perfect for the end product. When all was ready, IGI built the system at the Hyundai facility, tested to confirm the requested customization requirements, and finalized control system programming before completing the installation and commissioning the system which included user training.

IGI was a partner to them from beginning to end. Hyundai raved about our communication, onsite meetings, facilities and electrical team meetings, preparatory work, weekly reports with updates on project status, including product and installation timelines. Thanks to timely hardware delivery, IGI was able to move the installation date, and with the advance prep work was able to finish the installation earlier than expected.

Post-install, Hyundai appreciates IGI's Extended Support that includes phone response within hours and onsite response within 48 hours to keep them running at optimal performance. Because of the high resolution of the wall drives millions of pixels of data, it is a more complex system to support.

About IGI:

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