Rendered Crash Testing on IGI Powerwall

IGI partnered with Dassault Systems at their Automotive Industry Forum held at the Conference and Event Center of Ford Motor Company. IGI provided the large scale, high resolution visualization system that included a 23' screen to allow for full size rendered vehicles to be shown by a powerful Sony T615 4K projector with a 12,000:1 contrast ratio at 18,000 lumens brightness. Photo realistic images were possible because of the very high resolution of the projected content, 4K meaning 4096 X 2160 pixel density (roughly 400 percent more density than the 1080 TV in your home), which creates a much more life like image.

IGI worked with Dassault's 3DXCITE team who brought their DeltaGen Real Impact software along with a powerful computer powered by NVIDIA K6000 Quadro Grahics Cards to build the large 4K images of actual rendered crash testing.

Real Impact renders the CAD data in photorealistic quality including lighting and the surrounding environment creating a 360-degree point of view on every individual part, to give engineers a sense of exactly what's happening inside the vehicle during the crash. This allows engineers to see a crash with the body on or off the frame and gives them the choice of viewing the crash with or without a roof or doors, to better understand what happens during and after the impact.

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