IGI was the recipient of the installation award for “Emerging Technology Solution of the Year 2021: Immersion Graphics Inc. (IGI), General Motors” involving the IGI DesignView solution.

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New technology can be so engaging that it is easy to forget that it's not the gizmo that is important, it is how that gizmo benefits your customer. Are you adding a technology because it is exciting..

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IGI DesignView Spec Sheet
Posted by IGI on February 16, 2022.

Following up on numerous requests for additional specifications for the IGI DesignView, following is the Spec Sheet.  If you are looking for a portable high-resolution visualization solution, the IGI..

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dvLED Walls Can Be Everywhere You Look
Posted by IGI on August 25, 2021.

Cutting/leading edge technologies in advanced visualization used to be for the Fortune 50 and U.S. Military due to the high cost, but with the recent key technology developments and lower price..

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